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How to Volunteer Without Leaving Home

How to Volunteer Without Leaving Home

Do you have housebound outreach users?   Would they like to make the world a better place? Maybe you have some digitization projects that could use some volunteer help and could put a volunteers needed for home work flyer in your book deliveries? No pressure – just an opportunity to contribute.

“A recent thread on Ask MetaFilter focuses on at-home volunteering options. Here are some highlights, and a couple of our own ideas.

Medium human interaction: Help the blind see

On the iOS/Android app Be My Eyes, you can help blind users handle visual tasks like reading food labels and matching outfits. The app will alert you when someone needs help, and you can pick up or ignore, no pressure.

Conversely, you can help create realistic digital voices by recording your voice for VocalID.

Low/no human interaction: Transcribe, read aloud, and proofread

Non-profits and research projects need lots of help with gruntwork:


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