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The 12 Signs: How to know when you’re slowly but surely becoming a bad manager

“No one sets out to become a bad boss. Yet, slowly but surely, it’s easy to become the bad manager we all dread. Then, a sinking feeling hits you: You might be becoming a bad manager.

Sign #1: You think an employee “should already know that.”

Sign #2: You find yourself saying “No” more often than “Why not?” or “Could this work later?”

Sign #3: You ask an employee to stay late without staying late yourself.

Sign #4: You feel like you’re irreplaceable and are the only person who can do a certain part of the job.

Sign #5: You think asking certain questions can be dangerous or a giant waste of time.

Sign #6: You think emotions have no place in the workplace.

Sign #7: You think doing something yourself is easier because you can’t trust anyone else to get it done right.

Sign #8: You think some people deserve your trust more than others — and you act on those hunches.

Sign #9: You feel that you need your team to be close by or in the office in order for people to get work done.

Sign #10: You think that if an employee has a problem, issue, question, or concern, they’ll simply come to you with it.

Sign #11: You “test” employees to make sure they’re prepared and working hard.

Sign #12: You spend more time thinking about trying to eliminate distractions in the workplace than trying to give people a reason to feel excited about coming to work.”


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