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Inspired by Literary Legends: 6 Iconic Road Trips

Inspired by Literary Legends: 6 Iconic Road Trips

 Every year, millions of people set off on cross-country trips around the world to unplug from their daily routines and venture along open roads. But this isn’t something new, from pioneers who paved routes out west to millennials who’ve traded the comfort of a 9-5 routine for the experience life on the road, one might say ‘road trips’ are ingrained in our very nature.

It’s no wonder that literary lions like Tom Wolfe and Jack Kerouac wrote classic novels that detailed their adventures on the road. In fact, one might argue these writers were the ultimate nomads. Their work has inspired us all, and you can relive their adventures through the pages of their iconic books or by recreating their road trip experiences.

Inspired by the narrative arc of books like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and On the Road, CarRentals put together this guide to six literary road trips across America. We dare you to set off on one of these road trips and add a new chapter to the adventure we call life.

Guide to Literary Road Trips Across American



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