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CILIP KPMG: Information as an Asset: Today’s Board Agenda


Information as an Asset: Today’s Board Agenda

Feb. 2019

20 page PDF

“Rediscovering Gold

The original Hawley Report Information as an Asset set out to ‘stimulate Boards to
address their responsibilities in treating information as an asset’ of their organisation.
This new edition updates the original to demonstrate to Boards in all sectors that
in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, information assets and their management
represent their most significant opportunity.

In this new report, we set out how the landscape has changed since the original
publication in 1995. We have identified three key messages for today’s Boards to

1. Information is of critical importance to all businesses today and must
be managed at the highest level in the organisation;
2. Well-managed information assets have the potential to deliver value,
innovation and opportunity for any organisation;
3. Sound information governance is necessary to minimise financial
and bad PR risk to the organisation

In developing this report, we consider the benefits for your organisation of
managing and protecting information assets and provide recommendations for
what you can do as a Board to secure them. Finally, we provide a checklist and
policy framework which you can use to review and encourage best practice in
your organisation irrespective of sector.

Recognition and protection of information as a strategic asset is fundamental to
the success of any business strategy and we commend this report to you as a
useful and valuable guide to today’s essential Board agenda.

Anna Purchas, Partner,
Head of People, KPMG LLP

Nick Poole,
Chief Executive, CILIP”

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