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High Self-Esteem: 15 Habits for a Positive Self-Image

High Self-Esteem: 15 Habits for a Positive Self-Image

“1. Talk back to your inner critic so it won’t drag you down.

2. Stop relying on your inner critic to achieve.

3. Be kind to yourself when you have a setback.

4. Widen your perspective once again by finding one exception.

5. Make a list of positive memories and spend a few minutes with it.

6. Try a very simple self-esteem exercise for 7 days.

7. Remember: what people share on social media is a high-light reel.

8. Compare in an uplifting way.

9. Reduce the negative or limiting influence other people can have over you.

10. Make changes to surround yourself with positive and supportive influences.

11. Be kinder to the people in your life.

12. Don’t keep your thoughts bottled up.

13. Replace that perfectionism habit.

14. Celebrate your wins (no matter how small).

15. Remind yourself of the benefits of high self-esteem.”

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Fake it til you make it.



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