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“Rural Public Libraries as Telehealth Providers During Covid-19 “

Report: “Rural Public Libraries as Telehealth Providers During Covid-19 “

From The Daily Yonder:

A public library in Pottsboro, Texas, offered telehealth services to its patrons throughout the pandemic despite broadband access issues. Now, it could become a blueprint for a national rural network of libraries providing access to telehealth.


The library in Pottsboro, Texas, “is not about storytimes or even books, really,” said Dianne Connerly, the library’s director. “Our library is about Internet access. And innovation. Ten years ago it was funded by donations and bakes sales – and it was getting ready to close.”

Connerly and volunteers figured out that doing innovative projects brought them attention. If they wrote proposals that involved something daring and innovative, the li brary was more likely to get funding. So they started writing more and more grant proposals.

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