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Gaining Patron Cooperation on Mask Wearing

Gaining Patron Cooperation on Mask Wearing

“Here are some tips:

  1. What is your library’s masking policy and procedures? Make sure there are clearly written policies and procedures related to this issue.
  2. Be proactive with your mask policy. Also, be repetitive. People are more aware of messages they hear often. Post notices on your websites and social media platforms as well as on any signage at the entrance to your library. Post conspicuous signs in prominent places. Consider having a staff member posted at the door to offer masks to allow to enter. Library staff must wear masks at all times, this sets a positive example.
  3. Get creative like Fairfax County Public Library.  Humorous reminders can be a softer approach to enforcing mask policies.
  4. Offer options. Some libraries offer mask-less customers iPads or laptops to check out and use outside the library to better access our e-collections, databases, and virtual offerings. Often, they partner these offerings with hot-spot lending or expanded WIFI outside their libraries.
  5. Give masks away for free.
  6. Put masks on statues or other items, like stuffed animals, that are prominently displayed within the library. This is a gentle, positive example of proper mask wearing.
  7. Train staff. Educate employees about state and local mandates as well as the library’s masking policy and plan. Train staff on how to politely request visitors don masks. Offer scripts for staff, if needed.  “The library’s policy is that all visitors wear masks. Can I get one for you? Also train staff on how to politely accommodate medical conditions and that social or political objections are not acceptable. Remind the visitor of your rules and offer alternatives for how to access the library. Support the staff members who have to enforce these policies.”

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