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IFLA: The Government Information Landscape and Libraries

New Report From IFLA: “The Government Information Landscape and Libraries”

“A new IFLA Professional Report (No. 137) was recently published and is linked below.


The Government Information Landscape and Libraries

Kay Cassell
Rutgers University

James Church
University of California Berkeley

Kathryn Tallman
University of Colorado Boulder

with editorial assistance from Carol Church


International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)
ISBN 978-90-77897-75-1


The Government Information Landscape and Libraries illustrates the challenges and complexities posed by government publishing systems and the need to maintain professional government information expertise in libraries to assist users. The report demonstrates this through a series of case studies from selected countries, regions, and institutions worldwide that provide examples of government publishing practices, depositories, access to information, government libraries, preservation, data, and digitization.

Government information professionals also face a daunting set of challenges to the access and dissemination of this information from disruptive technologies, budget constraints, changing priorities of government administrations, misinformation, barriers to access, and fake news. Yet access to government information remains crucial for an informed civil society. It is for this reason that organisations such as IFLA, national library associations, and other institutions continue to support professionally educated government information experts.

Direct to Full Text Report
163 pages; PDF.”

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