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2021 Google Scholar Metrics Released

2021 Google Scholar Metrics Released

“From a Google Scholar Blog Post by Anurag Acharya:

This release covers articles published in 2016–2020 and includes citations from all articles that were indexed in Google Scholar as of July 2020.

Scholar Metrics include journals from websites that follow our inclusion guidelines and selected conferences in Engineering & Computer Science. Publications with fewer than 100 articles in 2016-2020, or publications that received no citations over these years are not included.

You can browse publications in specific categories such as Computational LinguisticsHematology, or Religion as well as broad areas like Engineering & Computer Science or Humanities, Literature & Arts.


Scholar Metrics include a large number of publications beyond those listed on the per-category and per-language pages. You can find these by typing words from the title in the search box, e.g., [informatics], [special education], [salud].

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