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AI Kids Stories



“AI Kids Stories

Last December, we introduced the idea of AI-generated storybooks for your little ones, and ever since, we’ve been amazed at how quickly the space is growing. We recently discovered Oscar — an AI-powered storytelling app where kids can star in their own adventures.
Imagine a tailor-made tale generated nightly and set in deep space, a medieval castle, or under the sea, turning children’s dreams into personalized stories. With Oscar, bedtime might just become the highlight of their day.
Developed in Vienna by a team working closely with parents, Oscar ensures child-safe content that’s engaging and educational. The app’s narratives are rich with valuable life lessons, covering honesty, kindness, bravery, empathy, and more. What sets Oscar apart:
  • AI-Powered Originality: Oscar developed an algorithm based on ChatGPT that guarantees uniquely captivating stories and eliminates repetitive content.
  • Customization: Stories can be tailored to a child’s age, interests, and reading level for a more personal touch.
  • Illustrations: Each story is brought to life with vibrant illustrations, enriching the reading experience.
  • User Profiles: Profile saving allows for stories that better align with your child’s evolving preferences.
You can start with a free trial and if you like Oscar, you pay for each story as you go. For a sampling of free bedtime stories, you can read here.
For fans of classic literature, Oscar reimagines favorites like “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “The Jungle Book,” placing your child right in the middle of these beloved tales. Plus, you can convert these customized stories into audiobooks, featuring calming voices to help bring on the z-z-z-z’s.
The one thing we wish Oscar offered — the option to download and turn these stories into actual books so family members and friends can send them as gifts. Hey, Oscar, are you listening?”

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